Professional grade & high-Quality supplements.

I believe in providing affordable, professional grade and high-quality supplements. Over the counter supplements are commonly adulterated and sometimes do not even have the ingredients stated on the label. To provide safe, convenient, and effective supplements, free of common allergens and toxic fillers, I have partnered with Fullscript, Wellevate and other trusted retailers offering top quality nutritional and herbal supplements.

You can create an account with these dispensaries to purchase your supplements and have them shipped directly to your home.

Fullscript is an online supplement dispensary that carries only professional grade high-quality supplements with third party testing. Third party testing ensures that the product actually contains the ingredients listed in safe quantities, as well as ensuring products do not contain any fillers, contaminants or heavy metals

Purchase through my account and receive 15% off on all products. Patients receive a 20% discount.

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Please note that Fullscript and Wellevate are affiliate partners. This means that when you purchase through the Dr. Zulmy Mancia, ND dispensary accounts, you will receive a discount from retail prices and Dr. Zulmy Mancia will receive a small commission. This supports her practice. We thank you for your support!

At no time is any patient required to purchase supplements from these dispensaries. Your quality of care will not be affected by your decision on where to purchase products.