Naturopathic principles

We are guided by the following six principles when it comes to the care of each patient:

    • First Do No Harm-We always aim to choose the most natural, non-invasive and least toxic treatment for each patient
    • The Healing Power of Nature- we believe that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. We act to identify and remove obstacles to health to help facilitate this self-healing process.
    • Identify and Treat the Causes-We look beyond a patients symptoms and identify, address and remove the underlying cause of disease.
    • Doctor as Teacher-Education is a very important aspect of patient care and is necessary so we can empower our patients to feel more in control of their health and the steps they need to take as we support them on their health journey.
    • Treat the Whole Person-We focus on treating the patient as a whole rather than just the disease. We believe that a patient’s diet, lifestyle, genetics, family history, environmental exposures, spirituality, physical and mental health are all equal factors that contribute to their health overall. We take this all into consideration when deciding on the best approach to treatment.
    • Prevention-We will always focus on how to maintain overall health and wellness and prevent disease. Positive actions taken in the present will have a profound impact in the future.

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